14lber out of Fork!

This 14lb fish was caught on Lake Fork night fishing underwater lights. The location of these lights are often highly guarded secrets. The lights are installed by home owners who wish to attract fish off their docks for night time fishing. The lights attract baitfish, which ultimately attract bass. Anglers who fish them regularly, note that on any given night an underwater light may or may not hold bass. Many have milk runs where they visit as many as a dozen lights over the course of a night. Some nights the lights never hold fish, other nights they can be barren early and stacked with fish late. The pattern can seem whimsical, but when the stars align these areas can load up monsters in impressive numbers! One such night resulted in the stringer of a lifetime for one such angler who's top 6 fish went for 65lbs with the 14lb fish pictured as a kicker.

As the lights are not on during the day they can be extremely difficult to locate. Obviously at night they are easier to spot, but even then anglers often need to be in close proximity to locate them and of course they are not always turned on every night. Compounding matters, Lake Fork, like many east Texas lakes is filled with thousands of stumps making rapid expansive night time searches difficult and possibly dangerous. However, with the appropriate time investment dedicated anglers can find these hot spots which have the potential to yield incredible stringers for years to come. Happy hunting and be safe out there!

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