The Witching Hour For Giant Bass

Austin Vowell caught this giant 14.3 lb bass out of Mississippi on February 28th. She was caught in two feet of water on a Super Fluke. Judging by the time of year and the physical appearance of the bass there is little doubt the fish was in pre-spawn/spawn mode. Nearly 80% of all giant bass are caught during the 1-2 month period around the spawn. Here’s why:1. Pre-spawn bass can weigh as much as 10% more during this time of year than any other point in the year. That is to say, a 10lb fish in March may only be a 10lb fish for a period of a few weeks for the entire year. The rest of the year, she’s “just” a 9lber.2. The pre-spawn/spawn is the time of the year big bass are most susceptible. Fisherman and bass both tend to be creatures of habit. By and large most bass anglers tend to fish shallow year round during daylight hours. By and large most big bass tend to suspended off shore in an inactive feeding mode during daylight hours. The exception to this rule of course is the spawn. It’s the period of time when the habits of both creatures, men and bass, collide.The data below shows the distribution of 10lb fish, by month, caught out of Toledo Bend over the last 25 years. It leaves no doubt the spawn is the witching hour if you are in the hunt for giants!

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