Lunker Lore: The Quest for the Fish of a Lifetime

New book launch! Check it out on Amazon! (Click picture for link)

I wouldn't say it's a sequel to High Percentage Fishing, but it definitely builds off the first work. The first book primarily focused on putting more bass in the boat. The new book is all about putting giants in the boat. Here's the description:

Lunker Lore takes the reader to the next level of smart fishing for trophy class largemouth bass! Just how rare are giant largemouth bass? Where do they live and how do they behave? What can you do to maximize your chances of catching a new personal best? Lunker Lore is the culmination of countless hours interviewing the world's best biologists, trophy anglers, and folks working hard to produce huge bass on private waters. Part story, part guide, the book lays out a detailed strategy for targeting the biggest bass in any system. Discover the secrets of:

  • Locating key structures that hold giant bass

  • Tips, tricks, and tactics from the 15lb club

  • Private water fishing and the men trying to grow monster bass

  • Nighttime big bass fishing

Engineer and statistician Josh Alwine shares the story of his big bass adventure and the lessons learned chasing the fish of a lifetime.

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