12 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Fishermen! - 2017

Let's face it, buying for fisherman can be tough. There are so many options out there and who knows what's worthwhile? The following suggestions are all items I have personally bought or had experience with in the past year. All are high quality items virtually any fisherman would appreciate. Sorted by price; lowest to highest. Merry Christmas!

1. Big Bass Lure: Lake Fork Hyper Stick. Hyper Sticks are a great alternative to their more expensive cousins the Senko. Popular in the south, these lures are less common north of the Mason-Dixon line. Ultra-effective, these lures catch bass Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, or just good old fashion weightless. Give’em a whirl.

Price: $4.99

Available at: Tacklewarehouse.com

2. M-Pack Jigs: Jigs are arguably the best big bass lure out there. Mark Pack’s jigs are some of my favorites. The innovative hook guard reduces hang ups while still maintaining a high hook up percentage.

Cost: $6.99

Available at: Mpacklures.com or Tacklewarehouse.com

3. Bass Fishing Books: High Percentage Fishing and Lunker Lore: Consistently two of the best-selling bass fishing books on Amazon. Highly rated, HP Fishing focuses on putting more fish in the boat while Lunker Lore examines trophy fishing. Both are sure to be a hit with any serious angler.

Cost: $12.99

Available at: Amazon.com

4. Bump Board: Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler. Made of aluminum these bump boards don’t rust and are highly durable. A great way to get a quick measurement to confirm your fish is in fact bigger than your buddy's!

Price: $14.90

Available At: Amazon.com

5. Ex-Officio Boxer Briefs: Perhaps not what you might expect to make the list, but these underwear for men are fantastic. Advertised as 17 countries, six weeks, one pair of underwear these bad boys live up to the hype. While I wouldn’t recommend testing out their tag line, these are very breathable, comfortable underwear for those long days on the water.

Cost: $14.99 (ish)

Available at: Amazon.com, REI

6. Top Water Lure: Spro BBZ-1 Rat. I have to admit when I first saw these lures I thought they looked gimmicky. A good fishing buddy has convinced me otherwise. Essentially a top water wake bait these lures flat out produce. I’ve seen these lures catch everything from bass to muskies. They are a little pricey, but worth the add to the tackle box.

Price: Varies: 17.99 – 20.99

Available at: Tacklewarehouse.com, Amazon.com, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop

7. Boga Grips: Boga grips are the gold standard in fish weighing tools. American made, highly calibrated, this tool will last a lifetime. It allows anglers to safely handle and weigh large fish (lift by top lip). Great gift for any serious trophy bass angler.

Price: $124.99

Available at: Amazon.com, Tacklewarehouse.com

8. Bubba Blade Filet Knife: Highly durable, full tang construction, no stick surface and titanium bonded this blade is designed not to rust. Large no slip grip stays sticky when wet allowing easy of use while filleting fish. A great addition for those who sometimes fish for the freezer.

Price: $54.95

Available At: Amazon.com, Cabela's, Bass Pro

9. Shirts: HUK, ExOfficio Air Strip Shirt, Pelagic. Shirts are perhaps a bit boring, but every angler needs a few good fishing shirts. The best are breathable, moisture wicking, have an SPF, and keep anglers cool and comfortable during an action packed day.

Price: Prices vary. $29.99 – $74.99

Available at: Hukgear.com, REI.com, Amazon.com, Dick's Sporting Goods

10. Net: Frabill Pro-Formance Net, 20 x 23-Inch. A rubber coated net is a must for any serious angler. If you’ve ever spent twenty minutes trying to get a tangled hook out of a net you’ll know exactly why. These nets have all the functionality of traditional nets, yet they are hook and tangle resistant allowing anglers to get right back to fishing after a catch.

Price: $74.00

Available at: Amazon.com, Bass Pro Shop, Cabela's

11. Shoes: The North Face Men's Storm Sandal. North Face makes a great fishing shoe. Fashionable and comfortable enough for normal wear, these Gore-Tex shoes are waterproof yet breathable. Perfect for the boat or trail, you’ll wish you had them the next time you get wet feet launching the boat!

Cost: $120

Available at: Amazon.com, outdoor apparel stores

12. Trolling Motor: Minn Kota Ultrex. Next to proposing to my wife this trolling motor purchase may be the single best decision I’ve ever made. It’s famous for its spot lock, which will hold the boat in a precise location regardless of wind or current. This tool is invaluable for fishing offshore locations in the wind or bed fishing in the spring. It’s also incredibly useful just to keep the boat from crashing onto shore while you help out a kid or work to get a fish unhooked. In addition to the spot lock, the trolling motor can learn routes, hold a course, and comes with a programmable remote that remembers spots, routes, and allows for full control from anywhere in the boat. You’ll be hooked the first-time you fish an entire shoreline without ever touching the peddle! Yes, it’s pricey, but holy cow is it worth it!

Price: $2199.00

Available at: Tacklewarehouse.com, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop

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