Heaviest Single Day 5 Fish Limit

Tournaments can often be won with stringers in the low 20 lb range. Most of us who are serious anglers have had magical days where the scales wind up topping 25 lbs. Have you ever wondered though what the record for the heaviest single day five fish limit of largemouth bass is? After some research here's my list of the greatest single day catches of all time:

1. 72.0 lbs San Vincent Reservoir, CA, Bill Murphy 1975 2. 65.0 lbs Lake Castaic, CA, Butch Brown 2010 3. 62.2 lbs Lake Casitas, CA, Tom Young 1991

4. 61.0 lbs *Camelot Bell, TX, Justin Furnace 2016

To my knowledge none of these catches were independently verified but the accounts do come from well known big bass anglers. Butch Brown's catch was filmed during the release, check out the video below.

*private water

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