The Impact of Wind On Catch Rates

A review of wind’s impact on catch rates was completed by comparing catch percentages during particular wind conditions with the overall frequency of that condition during the time period of the study. As an example, if wind did not impact catch rates, we would expect that catch percentages for a particular wind condition would match the percentage of time that condition existed. This would be our base case. If the percentage of catches were higher than the percentage of time the condition existed, that would be an indication of a positive causal factor. Conversely, if catch rates were significantly lower, it would be an indication of a negative impact. As can be seen in the graph below, the data tells us the wind is your friend.

How does wind improve fishing?

  • Wind creates wave action which oxygenates the water, which in turn can increase fish activity.

  • Wave action scatters light, which helps disguise the fact a lure is a lure.

  • Wave action helps conceal fishermen and their boats both visually and acoustically.

  • All these factors combine to improve overall catch rates in the presence of wind as opposed to the calm condition.

  • Perhaps most interestingly, catch rates were more than double the base rate for winds over 15 mph. Certainly these conditions can be tough even potentially dangerous to fish in, but they can also be very rewarding. Be safe!

*Data in graph based on 40,000 freshwater catches

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